I use advanced whitening systems that guarantee you a whiter smile.

  • Bespoke made whitening trays for the perfect fit
  • Advanced formula whitening gels
  • Guaranteed results
  • Minimal sensitivity
Teeth whitening in Bournemouth

Guaranteed whiter teeth

Self-conscious that your teeth are looking yellow or discoloured?

Has smoking darkened your enamel or constant coffee drinking caused heavy staining?

Have you had root canal treatment and your tooth has darkened, or taken antibiotics as a child which has caused marks on your teeth?

Using only the latest teeth whitening methods I know the best way to whiten teeth and solve these issues.  Safely, effectively and professionally. 

Teeth whitening could boost your confidence, reverse staining and yellowing, and give you a younger appearance. 

If you’d like teeth whitening in Bournemouth then look no further…

There’s different ways we can whiten your teeth to fit around your lifestyle. This could be in-surgery bleaching, home teeth whitening kits or a combination of both.

My promise to you…

Using my methods of teeth whitening I can guarantee you a bright white smile of VITA B1 shade. Now, obviously that means nothing to you so look on Google images. What you’ll find is that it’s the lightest naturally occurring shade of peoples teeth.

However, this is not a promise that anyone is suitable for whitening. You don’t paint a house with kids poster paint. You may have a lot of crowns or white fillings which won’t change colour and may be suited to different treatment. Take the free smile assessment to see.

To see more whitening results click to see the Teeth Whitening Smile Gallery

The Enlighten® Whitening Method

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth

The procedure…

  1. At your teeth whitening consultation I’ll take dental impressions (moulds) of your teeth so we can make the whitening trays. These take a week or two to be made, and in the mean time I’ll give you some special teeth whitening serum toothpaste for you to start using. This will build up a protective layer on your teeth to limit any mild sensitivity you may have.
  2. At your second dental appointment I’ll give you your professional teeth whitening kit. We’ll try your special trays and make sure they fit you perfectly, then give you the whitening gel syringes. You’ll use these every night for 2 weeks.
  3. Once you’ve completed your 2 weeks at home whitening, you’ll then visit for a 40-minute long professional teeth whitening in Bournemouth appointment with myself .

This teeth whitening method means low or no sensitivity and no damage to your teeth or gums

And the best bit…you don’t have to avoid any sorts of food or drink. If you’d like to go to Bournemouth and have a glass of red wine on a Friday then be my guest.

And what is your investment for Enlighten teeth whitening in Bournemouth?

Enlighten whitening is £495.

This includes your consultation appointment (£49 deducted from the total if you go ahead), impressions for your bespoke whitening trays, a second appointment where I’ll show you how to use the Enlighten professional home whitening kit (including 2 syringes of carbamide peroxide gel) and the 40 minute professional whitening session with me. It also includes the desensitising tooth serum toothpaste and 12 Evoseal desensitising swab packs to ensure sensitivity is kept to an absolute minimum.

Want guaranteed whiter teeth?

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What my clients say...

The Boutique Teeth Whitening Method

Guaranteed whitening resultsIdeal for those busy bodies who can’t fit teeth whitening into their schedules, Boutique offers a perfect solution. Boutique will gently and safely lighten your teeth while you sleep and won’t interrupt you schedules one bit.

The procedure…

Your teeth whitening process will cover several steps:

  1. You will need an assessment to make sure your teeth are suitable. Here, we’ll identify the best way to whiten your teeth. We’ll also ensure your mouth is healthy to minimise issues with the whitening.
  2. We’ll take impressions and make custom whitening trays which fit perfectly to your mouth. You’ll hardly notice them in your mouth. We’ll also take photos before you start your treatment.
  3. You’ll receive 8 syringes of gel in your Boutique teeth whitening kit. I’ll show you how to use them safely and effectively when you collect them.
  4. You’ll load the trays with the whitening gel and wear them every night, preferably for 8 hours. Each tube should last approximately a week.
  5. I’ll see you in 8 weeks and see your new shiny smile!

It’s fast, easy and safe.

And your investment for Boutique teeth whitening in Bournemouth?

Boutique teeth whitening is £445.

This includes your consultation appointment(£49 deducted from the total if you go ahead), tray fitting appointment and your review appointment to see how you’ve got on. It includes your impressions and bespoke whitening trays, 8 syringes of Boutique 16% carbamide peroxide to lighten to your B1 shade, and the guarantee that if it is not achieved after this then I will supply you with more gel to ensure your smile dazzles.


I already have a dentist? Can I still see you for teeth whitening in Bournemouth?

Of course you can. Your dentist will continue to look after your check ups, but if you live in Bournemouth, Poole or locally and want to come and see me for teeth whitening then it’s no problem.

Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth is generally safe if carried out by a professional dentist or by following your dentist’s instructions. In some cases there may be slight sensitivity, but during the consultation we’ll have a good idea where this might be and we can plan to minimise the risk. The whitening trays are made to specifically fit your mouth so leakage onto the gums is minimised.

Why do I need a teeth whitening in Bournemouth consultation? Can’t I just go for it?

In order to recommend the most suitable teeth whitening method for you, I have to examine your mouth to ensure your teeth are cavity and decay-free. The teeth whitening gel can cause discomfort if there are untreated holes. I can also see which areas on your teeth may whiten faster or slower to plan for the best results.

When should I avoid teeth whitening?

If you have dental decay or disease then this should be fixed prior to bleaching your teeth to avoid further problems. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid tooth whitening because of the possible effect of the bleaching agent on the developing child. This is why it’s important to only undergo professional teeth whitening by your dentist.

Will treatment also whiten my crowns?

Teeth whitening will not change the colour of false teeth – crowns, veneers, white fillings and dentures. Normally I’d advise to whiten your teeth first, then replace any dental work to ensure the shade is matched up appropriately.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The longevity of tooth bleaching depends on your habits (e.g. smoking/chewing tobacco), oral hygiene, and your diet. Once or twice a year you may need to top up. Whitening gel can be bought individually once you’ve had a course of whitening.

Are there any alternatives to teeth whitening in Bournemouth?

Bleaching changes the colour from within your tooth. Alternatives to teeth whitening include slightly abrasive whitening toothpastes, crowns and veneers, composite bonding or having your teeth scaled and polished.

Will my teeth be bright ‘TOWIE’ white after treatment?

Both Enlighten and Boutique guarantee a bright shade if you choose to use their whitening system. This is B1 if you’d like to google it.  For those with a darker starting point or older patents this can take more time. It’s also important to understand that some people’s teeth whiten less than others, in the same way as some people’s skin tans darker.

What is my investment for teeth whitening?

When visiting me at the practice for teeth whitening in Bournemouth, I can advise you on the most suitable method, if we have any teeth whitening deals and any payment plans. The cost depends on type of teeth bleaching method and if you need any treatment before hand (eg. Have a hole in a tooth which needs filling first).

Where can I get more information about whitening?

You can check out the Enlighten website using this link.

More information on Boutique teeth whiteningcan be found here.

Want whiter teeth?

If you’d like to book in for teeth whitening in Bournemouth or just need more information please get in touch.

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