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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles in Bournemouth

Are your crooked teeth stopping you from smiling?

Using modern technology I can straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly.

6 month smiles in Bournemouth

6 Month Smiles clear orthodontic braces

Six Month Smiles® are revolutionary tooth-coloured braces to straighten and improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth. The beauty of these clear braces is they are almost invisible and have an average treatment time of only 6 months.

Why use Six Month Smiles in Bournemouth over traditional orthodontic braces?

This method of teeth straightening uses gentle force, on only your front teeth which are visible when you smile. This dramatically reduces the amount of time you need clear braces on and gives the maximum cosmetic results.

6 Month Smiles is:

DISCREET: 6 Month Smiles braces use tooth coloured brackets and wires to provide nearly invisible teeth straightening.

FAST: The advanced technology means the average time to straighten your teeth is only 6 months.

EFFECTIVE: Crowded, spaced, crooked and twisted teeth can be straightened.

How it works

What my clients say...

Free Perfect Smile Assessment

Free Perfect Smile Assessment worth £49.

All you need to do is tell me what you’d like to achieve and send me a photo of your smile.

I’ll analyse this and let you know how we can reach your goals.

Why is this beneficial for you?

You’ll get an idea of what’s possible to perfect your teeth without giving up your time or money at a dental appointment.  It’s completely risk-free.

From the FREE smile assessment, you’ll come away with an easy to read action plan, and an estimate of costs and timings to create your beautiful new smile.

Sound good? Book your no obligation brighter smile assessment today in 2 easy clicks here.

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How does Six Month Smiles in Bournemouth teeth straightening work?

  • At your orthodontic consultation in the Bournemouth dental practice we will discuss what you want to achieve with your smile. We’ll then take photos, moulds and possibly some x-rays.
  • If you’re happy to proceed with orthodontic treatment, we’ll formulate your plan with 6 Month Smiles and fix the clear braces to your teeth.
  • You will come to an orthodontic appointment every 4-6 weeks where we’ll change wires and make adjustments to the clear brace.
  • Once your teeth are straightened we’ll remove the invisible ceramic braces. We’ll then place either a fixed retainer (a discreet wire at the back of your teeth) or a clear retainer (that you can take out). You’ll have beautifully straight teeth.

What is the investment for your straight teeth?

Six Month Smiles are a very affordable brace for adults. Treatment starts at £2900 to straighten both the top and bottom teeth.


How does Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment in Bournemouth work?

The system uses special nickel-titanium wires and brackets fixed to your teeth to gently and comfortably straighten them.

Will it only take 6 months to straighten my teeth?

This is the average time for the orthodontic treatment. Some people may have straight teeth in 4 months while complex cases may take a year.

Do Six Month Smiles braces cause discomfort?

There can sometimes be mild discomfort when the clear braces are placed on your teeth and when wires are changed over. This is normal and doesn’t last for long, so don’t worry. Some mild painkillers will normally relieve any symptoms.

Will I need to wear a retainer after my invisible braces are removed?

Always, otherwise there is a risk your teeth will move back. I’ll discuss this with you at your appointment, but the retainer can be fixed or removable. These are in the forms of a discreet wire at the back of your teeth or clear mouthguard.

Can I remove my braces?

No, the clear braces are fixed to your teeth. The great thing about this is you don’t have to remember to wear them.

Will the Six Month Smiles braces affect my speech?

It can take a few days for your tongue and cheeks to get used to having the braces in your mouth. You may have a slight lisp while they do, but once you’re used to the brace your speech will be back to normal.

Where can I find more information about Six Month Smiles in Bournemouth?

Visit the 6 month smiles website for more info.

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