Thinking about having cosmetic dental bonding in Bournemouth?


If you’re self-conscious about a space between your front teeth?

Don’t like that your teeth look slightly crowded when you smile?

Have you chipped a tooth or never liked the shape of one which shows in your photographs?

With cosmetic dental bonding in Bournemouth, we can sort out the imperfections of your teeth and create your perfect smile…

How can we use cosmetic dental bonding to help you?

Composite bonding in Bournemouth is the perfect procedure if you want:

  • A fuller wider smile with more teeth on show at the back
  • To make your teeth more visible in photos
  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Make your teeth whiter, especially if teeth whitening hasn’t worked for you
  • Straighten your teeth if you have mild crowding
  • Replace silver fillings and make them invisible
  • Fix chips and fill them in
  • Close up the big space between your front teeth
  • Restore worn teeth if you’ve ground them down

And the best part about the procedure is…

  • Pain-free procedure and perfect if you’re nervous – rarely any need for drilling or injections
  • You need less time off work – bonding can normally be completed in one session
  • No damage to your teeth underneath the bonding so it’s reversible

cosmetic dental bonding in Bournemouth

How do we achieve your goals with dental cosmetic bonding in Bournemouth?

Generally, composite bonding is completed in two ways:

Composite veneers:

This is where we bond composite to the whole of the front surface of your tooth to completely mask what’s underneath. This is great to whiten them, fill in large spaces, correct worn teeth, widen your smile and straighten your teeth.

Composite edge bonding:

This is where the composite is bonded just to the edges of your teeth. This is perfect to increase their size or shape, close up spaces, fix chips and lengthen them.

What is your investment for cosmetic composite bonding in Bournemouth?

Prices for edge composite bonding start at £190 per tooth, depending on the size of the area that needs bonding. If you have a teeth gap the filling cost is the same.

Composite veneers start at £250 per tooth.

What my clients say...

Free Smile Assessment

Free Perfect Smile Assessment worth £49.

All you need to do is tell me what you’d like to achieve and send me a photo of your smile.

I’ll analyse this and let you know how we can reach your goals.

Why is this beneficial for you?

You’ll get an idea of what’s possible to perfect your teeth without giving up your time or money at a dental appointment.  It’s completely risk-free.

From the FREE smile assessment, you’ll come away with an easy to read action plan, and an estimate of costs and timings to create your beautiful new smile.

Sound good? Book your no obligation brighter smile assessment today in 2 easy clicks here.

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What’s the procedure during cosmetic dental bonding in Bournemouth?

Cosmetic tooth bonding (also known as composite bonding) is the placement of a white coloured filling material onto your teeth.

Composite is a plasticine-like putty which comes in different shades, depending on the colour of your teeth. Your dentist will mould the putty in your mouth to get the shape and size that you desire for your smile before setting it in place.

I’d always recommend teeth whitening first. Everyone wants whiter teeth, and if you choose to whiten after bonding then the bonding doesn’t change colour.

The procedure is completed in 5 painless steps:

1. We match up the colour of your teeth to the bonding material to get the perfect transition between your tooth and composite bonding.

2. We place a rubber sheet over your teeth to make sure no saliva touches the bonding material before it’s set.

3. We then apply a shampoo and conditioning material to your tooth surface to allow the dental bonding material to stick.

4. The arty bit – we apply the ‘composite’ material and artistically sculpt it. When it’s looking perfect we then set with a blue light to harden it and make it tooth-like.

5. We then polish the composite to make it look natural and completely blend in with your teeth. Nobody will ever know.

Advantages of cosmetic dental bonding:

  • Dental bonding is quicker, easier and less expensive than crowns or veneers.
  • Usually completely reversible – if you don’t like it after a few years just remove it.
  • Doesn’t harm the teeth underneath.
  • Pain-free – rarely requires drilling or injections.
  • Composite veneers can be removed, repaired and replaced easily.

Want composite bonding?

If you’re in the Bournemouth and Poole area and would like to get booked in for composite bonding you’re 2 easy clicks away.

Have a question or need more information then please get in touch.

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How do I care for teeth after dental bonding?

After the bonding procedure you need to care for your teeth as you would normally, cleaning them twice daily and flossing/using interdental brushes daily. Attend your regular check ups where either myself or your dentist can look after your teeth and your bonding.

One disadvantage with teeth bonding is that smoking and chewing tobacco can cause staining, like it does your teeth. These stains are very difficult to remove and may even result in the dental bonding needing to be repeated. Drinking excessive tea and coffee, eating a lot of curry, red wine (sorry) and other dark liquids can also cause the dental bonding composite to stain. 

When eating with bonded front teeth, avoid chewing hard foods directly onto the composite areas as this can cause them to chip. Don’t chew pens or bite your nails, and stop opening bottles with your teeth!

What are the alternatives to dental bonding?

Your teeth may me more suited to crowns or veneers, rather than composite bonding. Everyone is different but you can take a free smile assessment and I’ll be able to give you a good idea of what could be done. 

Will my teeth be sensitive after the procedure?

Occasionally your teeth will be slightly sensitive after the cosmetic dental bonding procedure. This is nothing to worry about and will likely settle down after a few days. Use sensitive toothpaste in the mean time.

Does tooth bonding hurt through the procedure?

Don’t forget it’s usually possible to complete the procedure without injections or drilling. So, overall it’s a rather pleasant trip to the dentist. 

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can eat or drinking after teeth bonding?

No, you’re fine to eat and drink immediately. I do recommend that you stay away from food and drink that are known to stain your teeth for 72 hours though. 

How long does dental bonding last?

After cosmetic dental bonding in Bournemouth, the composite material will normally last 3-7 years, when it may need topping up or replacing. It depends in part on how well the bonding is looked after and maintained. All work is guaranteed for 1 year after the procedure. 

My bonded tooth feels weird. What should I do?

This is common after dental bonding. Your tongue is sensitive to minor changes in your mouth so new additions don’t always feel normal. After a few days you’ll normally feel much better, but if in doubt then contact the surgery. 

Which materials do you use for composite bonding?

I use many different composite materials depending on the level of strength and shade needed for your individual requirements, including Renamel and Venus Pearl.