A smile is the finest accessory you’ll ever wear.

It’s contagious.

It can lighten up a room, bring joy and laughter, turn a grey day into sunshine.

A smile is positivity.


dr gareth edwards

Now, I’m a dentist so this may surprise you…


I don’t just do veneers.

I don’t just do composite bonding.

I don’t just do Invisalign.


What I do is create confident smiles that you can wear with pride.


My difference:

Everything I do is completely and utterly about YOU – I want you to look back at your experience and think this is the best thing you have ever done.


We co-design –  It’s your smile, so you help design it. We pick a smile you’re comfortable in, and which matches your face and your personality. Whether it’s gleaming white, or completely natural – it’s your choice.


We test-drive – Like a new car, we test-drive your smile before we make it. I want you to be completely comfortable wearing it.



And me:

dr gareth edwards eye close

The devil is in the detail – and I have an eye for detail. I use advanced magnification to ensure that under the naked eye, my work looks sublime.


I’m big on tech – Professional photo & scanning equipment means you’re getting the finest cutting-edge dentistry.


I’m crazily passionate– I absolutely love making people smile.


Years of experience  – I’ve trained with world leaders in restorative and aesthetic dentistry, taking a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry and perfecting digital technologies from the DSD academy.


For me, it’s not purely about the dentistry, it’s focussed on you, the person behind that smile. It’s the whole story that matters.


After your experience:

If you’re now able to take your first selfie

Beam on your wedding photos

Have the confidence to ask for that job promotion.


Then I’m happy that I’ve done my job.



Ready to see if a smile could change your life?

It’s as easy as saying “hello”


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